Armada’s Code of Ethics defines the rules of business conduct that must be applied to our day-to-day relations both internally and with outside parties. The rules set out in this Code of Ethics are not exhaustive; combined with our employees’ sense of responsibility, they establish the fundamental rules of business conduct and ethical guidelines applicable to all Armada employees. These rules in no way replace any laws or regulations in force in the various countries where Armada does business or the principles and rules arising from other internal policies and procedures applicable within Armada.

  • Prohibition of all forms of Corruption and Bribery
    • Prohibited any and all forms of corrupt practices including bribery, corruption, or extortion.
  • Prohibition of Anti-competitive Behavior
    • Ensure that there are no acts that inhibit fair competition.
  • Information Disclosure
    • Appropriately disclose Information regarding management and business activities, financial situation and performance without falsification of any form.
  • Provision of Appropriate Product Information
    • Provide accurate product and service information to customers and consumers.
  • Fraud early detection and prevention
    • Protect whistleblowers to ensure that workers can report act of fraud without fear of retaliation.
  • Protection of Intellectual Property
    • Respect and take due care of the intellectual property rights
  • Protection of Personal Information
    • Appropriately protect all business-relevant personal information of your customers, suppliers, consumers, workers, etc.
  • Forced Labor
    • Do not employ children under the minimum employment age.